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iWorks FX

Particle Analysis and Automatic Counting Software

Works FX is the outstanding microscope software for automatic objects or cells counting, particle analysis, fluorescence Image multiple color merge and metallurgical area fraction. It is a good choice for high-end biological specialist and users of metallographic analysis.


Note: All functions of iWorks LT are included in iWorks FX.

Manual Counting

Manual counting tool, by mouse clicking.

Manual Counting

Automatic Counting / Particle Analysis


When measurements are made, the program highlights the measuring outlines and assigns reference numbers to the objects in your image. iWorks introduce to advanced particle analysis gets an object by simple click of your mouse then measure and analysis all of object by automatically.

Microscope Automatic Counting Software

AOI (Area of Interest) Manager


Define your prefered area with several tools.

AOI (ROI) tool
microscope software AOI tool

Enhanced Image Processing Tools


  • Image enhancement: Invert, Brighteness, Contrast, Gamma

  • Arithmetic/ Logic operation

  • Color split/ merge

Merge: Generate one or several R/G/B grayscale images to a new color image.

Enhanced Image Processing Tools - merge

Split: Used for extracting one or several R/G/B channels from a color image.

Enhanced Image Processing Tools - Split
  • Image Filters (Spatial Filter, Edge Filter)

spatial filter
edge filter
  • Histogram

microscope software Histogram


microscope image segmentation

Fluorescence Manager and Pre-defined Dye List


Multiple single channel images (captured with different optical filters or under different camera settings) can be merged together simply by using Fluorescence Manager of iWorks. The combined images can be stored to a file while maintaining their original bit depths or optionally can be converted into a RGB image.

Pre-defined dye list
microscope fluorescence image Red
microscope software fluorescence manager
microscope fluorescence image Green
microscope fluorescence image Blue

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