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iWorks MM Series

Microscopy Analysis & Metrology Software for Measuring Microscope

Measuring microscope software
Measuring microscope

iWorks MM series software works with measuring microscope connecting with a camera to detect, measure and analyze the images in real time. Offering variety of functions to analyze the fast high-resolution image, It features an intuitive user interface which allows you to perform tasks quickly and easily. It is compatible with variety of cameras and various models of measuring microscope.

iWorks MM series software includes iWorks MS and iWorks MX.

iWorks MS


iWorks MMS is the basic version of iWorks MM series software. It includes all functions of iWorks EX.




  • Advanced Measurement Tools

  • Alignment Tools

  • High Precise Auto Calibration


  • Excel Report

  • Custom Report

  • Drawing Window

  • Macros

  • Multi-monitor

  • Basic Overlay Chart (crosshair, circle, rectangle)

High Precise Automatic Calibration

Offers automated calibration function, with accurate calibration regardless of the operator or facility. It supports automatic and manual calibration, using a variety of scales such as lines or circles, etc.

High Precise Automatic Calibration

iWorks MX


iWorks MMX is the advanced version of iWorks MM series software. It includes all functions of iWorks MMS.




  • Auto Edge Detection

  • Multi-focus

  • Image Tiling

Automatic Edge Detection Tool


This feature allows you to minimize errors that may occur by the user in the inspection and measurement process. Supports a variety of options for detecting the detection precision in the various images.

Automatic Edge Detection Tool

Multi Focus and 3D flot Output

Offers the function to extend the focus to overcome the limited focal depth of the high magnification microscope. The resulting image provides a 3D output function which can be observed in three dimensions.

Multi Focus and 3D flot Output

Image Tiling


Provides a two-dimensional image synthesis function that can overcome the limited viewing area of the high magnification microscope. The automatic synthesis can minimize the discomfort. You can also get a more complete high-resolution image by performing shading correction and correction of the border area.

Image Tiling

Compatible Devices​

  • Air Column Micrometer

  • Anilam

  • DC300

  • Emulator

  • Emulator EX

  • ENC7480

  • POCAS1

  • Heidenhain ND

  • Jiscco Projector

  • QC100

  • QC200

  • Sunny DS4B1

  • WB30S

  • ​Mitutoyo KC, KA

  • Mitutoyo MF

  • Mitutoyo PJA-3000

  • MUX

  • MUX10F

  • MUX10FT

  • Nikon MM

  • Nikon Projector

  • Nikon SC213

  • Nikon Z

  • RSF 2735

  • Olympus STM6

  • Olympus STM7

Nikon MM400
Olympus measuing microscope

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