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Digital Comparison Microscope


  • Latest artificial intelligence image algorithm

  • Double 8.3 megapixel cameras

  • Full digital image processing

  • Excellent tool for forensic inspection


The Comparison Microscope Employs Cutting-edge Digital Imaging Technology

The digital comparison microscope BD1601 is built by the police college trace identification experts and technical experts with more than 20 years of experience in optical industrial. It incorporates the practical experience of many years of trace identification and breaks through the old-fash-ioned use of traditional comparison microscopes.

It adopts high-magnification dual-lens, dual-channel ultra-high-definition cameras and ultra-high-definition image display on computer (4K×3K), and relies on the latest AI intelligent image algorithm to fully process the image in time and cooperate with the newly optimized mechanical support platform and multiple color light source, objects observation are easy and convenient. Through the use of powerful soft-ware, users can quickly obtain high-definition real contrast images, gain higher work efficiency and accuracy.

Forensic Handwriting & Document Examinations

Forensic Firearm Examinations

Counterfeit Identification

Fingerprint Identification

Image by Etienne Girardet
Handgun and  Ammunition
Image by Markus Spiske
Image by George Prentzas

High Performance Cameras

BD1601 is equipped with two high performance 8 megapixels digital cameras, that use Sony IMX274  HD CMOS sensor. They provide ultra-wide dynamic range (128dB) and ultra-low illumination (0.001Lux). The frame rate output is 25 fps in full resolution, easy to capture high dynamic range 4K video with more details.

camera 1.jpg

Signal Indicator

Power On / Off

camera 2.jpg
camera 3.jpg

8.3 MP Sony CMOS 

Power Input

Power Indicator

Tube lens microscope.jpg

1X Eyepiece

0.83X ~ 10X

1X Obejective Lens

Zoom Microscope with Excellent Optics

0.83X~10X continuous zoom, full-range HD optical lens. Special coating technology for excellent achromatic effects while ensuring a clear, bright and flat image.

Ergonomic Design for Higher Working Efficiency

Super-hard alloy design, independent adjustment mechanism, can adjust the XYZR axis for personal use habits, use scene and the characteristics of the detector, make the operation more comfortable and more humanized

BD1601 sturcture.jpg
BD1601 parts.jpg

Versatile Fixtures for Different Specimens

A variety of fixture matching solutions, whether it is moving, rotating, tilting, positioning observations, to
meet various obser-vation and measurement needs.

Dual Ring Light Illumination

BD1601 is equipped with the external coaxial light, which can uniformly illuminate the surface of the plane and the shiny surface, and enhance the features of marking, recessing or embossing. It can highlight the uneven surface of the object, overcome the interference caused by the reflection of the surface, and highlight more details that cannot be displayed by traditional microscopes.

Dual ring lights.jpg
Dual ring lights 2.jpg


Dual ring lights 3.jpg


Dual ring lights 4.jpg


  1. Diffuse emission LED ring lights to reduce glare. Contains 27 diffuse light beads.

  2. The external coaxial LED ring light is more conducive to the observation of the smooth surface, high reflective and hard-to-reach areas. It contains 13 coaxial lamp beads.

  3. The two ring lights are independently controlled, and the brightness can be freely combined and adjusted according to actual observation conditions.

Color lights.jpg

Focus Adjustment Ring:

Rotate clockwise to make the light spreads;
Rotate counterclockwise to make the light gathers.

Brightness Adjustment Knob:

Turn clockwise to turn on the light source and increase the brightness;
Turn counterclockwise to reduce brightness or turn off.

Light Switch Knob:

Each time a gear is rotated, the color of the light is switched once;

cycle switching

Adjusting Knob:

Loosen to swing the position of the support in a certain range; Tighten to secure the current position of the holder (Note: When you need to swing the position of the lamp, you must first loosen the knob,otherwise it will damage the articulated arm).

Articulating Arm:

It consists of multiple sets of movable joints; after loosening the adjustment knob, the position of the light source can be arbitrarily oscillated.

Color lights 2.jpg

Six-color Inlluminator

Unique multiple color light, users can choose different wavelengths of light to observe according to different observation charac-teristics or applications. With low voltage, ultra low energy consumption, safe, stable, long life, high brightness, low light decay and other characteristics.


Whether it is trace comparison, text comparison or seal comparison, it is easy to use.

Handwriting Identification, Original number - "100"

External coaxial light & diffuse light 1

External coaxial light & diffuse light

Six-color lamp - Blue light 1.jpg

Six-color lamp: Blue light

Handwriting Identification, Original number - "162"

External coaxial light & diffuse light 2

External coaxial light & diffuse light

Six-color lamp - Blue light 2.jpg

Six-color lamp: Blue light

Dedicated Comparison Software

BD1601 comes with dedicated comparison software, bringing unprecedented efficiency and precision to users by many years of practical experience and software developers' hard work.

comparison software.jpg