5G WiFi Microscope Interactive System

Make Your Microscope Classroom Digital & Wireless

Create a true and stunning wireless microscope classroom and smart laboratory. Easily improve the quality of teaching and reduce the burden of laboratory management. Efficiently realize multi-functional interaction between teaching and learning.

What is "5G WiFi Microscope Interactive System"?

With a specially designed 5G WiFi module, optical microscopes, digital cameras, PCs, smart mobile devices and other devices are cleverly integrated into the digital wireless interactive system, which is for building a wireless microscope classroom or smart laboratory.

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Wireless Interaction Enhances Your Teaching Quality

Life Science Education

The wireless microscope classroom system enhances for building smart morphology laboratories integrating anatomy, histology and embryology, and pathology, which helps to provide better morphology experiment teaching services. It is very suitable for basic medical education.

Earth Science Education

The experimental courses of earth science and geological science usually use polarized light microscope and stereo microscope. Through a laboratory equipped with the 5G WiFi microscope interactive system, teachers can quickly and efficiently cultivate students' ability to observe and identify rock, mineral and fossil specimens.

Materials Science Education

Microscopes are used in materials science and engineering to study the structure and properties of materials. Especially for metallographic subjects, the laboratory with metallurgy microscope and 5G WiFi interactive system can enhance students' learning of grain analysis, cast iron analysis, non-metallic inclusion level, welding analysis, corrosion analysis and other skills.

Forensic Science Education

Physical evidence technology, tool mark examination, document examination, etc. are the basic courses of criminal investigation and forensic medicine. With the 5G WiFi interactive system equipped in the lab, teachers can effectively train students to master the steps and methods of material evidence photography, examination of handprints and footprints, document inspection and forensic material evidence experiments.

Shorten Distance Between Teacher & Students With Real Wireless Connection

A true wireless microscope teaching system for smart laboratory. Robust wireless coverage up to 1000 square meters without no dead ends. Convenient for laboratory management. Support up to 120 student stations, perfectly realize "1 to 120" super large experimental demonstrations and teaching.

More Than 120 Stations Controlled by Only One Computer


Instantly communicate with students with text or picture. One-click to collect images from all stations or to assign homework to each stations.

Lecturing Mode

The tutor PC screen or the selected screen is streamed to all stations. Lecturing materials or the operating process is displayed on the screen of each station synchronously.

Monitor Screen

Realtime monitor all screens of station to ensure all students participate in learning. Without tutor's permission, student cannot install any App, nor exit the system.

Monitor Live Image

Live microscopic images of each station are streamed to the screen of tutor. It can help the tutor check whether students understand the experimental intention correctly. 

Live Comparison

The tutor’s screen can display two or four images from different sites for analysis and comparison. Including real-time images and captured still images.

Take Attendance

​Quickly check the boot status and login status of each station. By only one click, the tutor can download the attendance name list of the class.