Industrial Camera

Lanoptik's industrial camera family includes USB 2.0 cameras, USB 3.0 cameras and Giga Ethernet cameras. With more than 40 models of industrial cameras equipped with cutting edge CCD and CMOS sensors, and the advanced algorithm and development kits compatible with Halcon, Labview, OpenCV and Matlab etc., Lanoptik is able to offer competitive solutions to your applications in machine vision, automatic inspection system, surveillance and intelligent transportation system.


USB 2.0 Camera

0.3MP to 10MP, utilizes cutting-edge CMOS and CCD, featuring in multiple-camera synchronization. 


GigE Vision Camera

GigE vision camera with external trigger, transfer distance up to 100m, built-in image buffer and ISP.


OEM & Custom

More than 40 models board-level camera and enclosed camera based on CMOS and CCD technology