OEM & Custom

We have great advantage in our R&D, assembly of camera products especially on microscope camera. We are also specializing in software development which is applied in image processing and analysis. For both microscope camera and software, Lanoptik offers OEM/ODM services with the most flexible customization to meet the demand of each customer from different industry.

Our camera, Your Private Label

We offer our clients the best and most comprehensive services available in the digital camera industry.  

What does Private Label mean?

You buy it, make it your own and sell or distribute the product under the label you've created. Essentially, you are buying the product from someone else, namely us, and taking ownership of that product with your own branding. With Private Label we treat your privacy with utmost integrity, so no one will know it's not your product unless you tell them.

MOQ requirements for Private Labelling

If you can order in minimum quantities of 20 units (or the order amount is over USD10,000) you're ready to get going with Private Label.

How does Private Label work?

Select one of our existing products and we will re-package it with your logo or the item name you provide us, printed on labels you provide.

How does the packaging process work?

We have the ability to print your logo or item name on our labels. We can also refer you to companies who specialize in label printing, or you can have product shipped with no label and apply your own.

Electronic Circuit Board


Custom and OEM Camera Modules