Microscope Camera

With USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI, 4K Ultra HD, 5G Wi-Fi and built-in operating system technology, Lanoptik offers more than 70 models of digital microscope camera equipped with high quality image sensor to meet different levels of users and various microscopy imaging applications. These microscopic cameras are affordable, high performance to help you capture consistent, high-quality microscopy image in a cost-effective manner. 


USB Microscope Camera

High sensitivity, low noise, excellent performance USB microscope camera for scientific imaging.


5G WiFi Microscope Classroom

Make your microscope classroom wireless. Enhance your teaching quality.


WiFi Microscope Camera

High performance conventional cameras for routine microscope imaging applications.

Microscope Camera_BANNER 384x33 (1).png

Smart Microscope Camera

Microscope camera with built-in operating system. FHD or 4K monitor. WiFi & HDMI output.

Microscope Camera_BANNER 384x33.png

Embedded Microscope Camera

Integrated wireless microscope camera for convenience connection and multi-user access.


HDMI Microscope Camera

HDMI & 4K UHD cameras for microscope imaging and industrial inspection.