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Microscope Software

Robust and customizable microscope image processing analysis software.

iWorks series is a streamlined microscopy software for imaging and analysis with dynamic user-friendly interface. It provides wide variety of solutions to image acquisition, measuring, counting, classify, analysis and report. With the strong compatibility, It works with most digital microscope cameras, measuring microscopes, hardness testers as well as projectors for your professional image and analysis.


iWorks series is a dongle protected microscope software. There are 3 packages and 11 versions separately for the applications of general microscope, hardness tester and measuring microscope.

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Features & Benefits

User Friendly Interface and Modular Design

iWorks series software combines the latest tools for microscopy image analysis, hardness testing and precise industrial measuring. The interface of software is user-friendly designed based on feedback from users in the past years. Simple to install, intuitive, efficient,  and easy to navigate. 

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Easy to Install and Powerful Compatibility

iWorks software is easy to install by several clicking, the whole installation is no more than 1 minute. Thanks to continuously integration, iWorks can work with different brands of cameras, measuring microscopes, hardness testers and projectors.

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Automatic and Manual Calibration

The basic of measurement is an accurate calibration. iWorks' Automatic Calibration function allows the software to calculate the pixel per unit value automatically. Manual calibrations are easily added and saved each magnification and multiple camera system. All of calibration can be saved as file for protecting unexpected change of calibration. Scale marker can be added on each image easily, and the font, color, size and background are easy to customized.

Calibration Manager.png

Easily Acquire Your Microscopic Images

Utilize the full precision of your capture equipment with easy-to-use acquisition tools. iWorks software supports digital cameras, image capture cards, and other devices. You can capture a single image and also record video with Time Lapse tool.

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Analyze and Visualize Image Data

iWorks software includes a full range of qualitative analysis tools that help you to better visualize your image data. The 3D Plot provides 3 dimensional image which is created based on luminance intensity level. 3D image can be rotatable 360 degree. As long as the device supports XYZ data output, the 3D image will be measurable with real data. 

3D Display.png

Process and Manager Your Images

Use sophisticated image processing and enhancement t tools to uncover details within your images.

  • Tile a series of images

  • Automatically align either individual or sequence images

  • create a focused image from a series of unfocused images

  • Apply dye tints to gray scale images

  • Create composite images from source gray scale images

  • Apply enhancement Image filters, edge filters, morphological filters and histogram of image

  • Image geometry: rotate, flip, resize etc.

  • Manage inputs and outputs for your entire imaging system to achieve true color fidelity

  • Works with background subtraction and correction

  • Image Segmentation

Arithmetic/Logic Operation
Image Segmentation
Spatial Filter

Time Lapse Recording

The ‘Time Sequence Acquisition’ allows for simple configuration of data collection over time. The only parameters that must be entered for configuration are ‘Interval’ and ‘Duration’. Time-lapse imaging is applicable to any microscopy technique used to image dynamics events. It is widely used to image biological events on the macroscopic scale and microscopic live cell dynamic events using techniques such as TIRF, FRAP, FLIP and FRET. It is also used in industrial environments to study materials, e.g., crystallization events, fatigue testing, erosion.

Time Lapse capture.png
time lapse.png

Objects Classification

With iWorks software, you can manually or automatically characterize objects within your images. Count and size objects automatically, with the ability to identify over 100,000 objects per frame (memory dependent). Work with more than 30 measurement tools, including areas, perimeters, lengths, roundness, angles, etc.

Manual Classify
Auto Classify

Excellent Annotation Tools

  • Annotation: Line, Rectangle, Circle, Textbox, Calibration Marker

  • Property Settings: Font, Font size, Text color, Text align, Line color, Line weight, Line style, Fill color

Annotation Tools
Format Style
Font Setting

Overlay Charts

Display overlay chart on your live image for guide image window. Cross, Circle, Grid, Time stamp and combination of different types of overlay chart are available.​

overlay chart tools
Grain Size Comparison Chart
overlay chart2.jpg
Overlay chart settings

Measurement Tools

Extract valuable data from your images using the live measurement functions with interactive metrology tools. The metrology tools allows you to measure best-fit line, arc, and circle. Detect edges and derive distance measurements using the caliper tool. Using live measurement tools, you don't need to capture images for measuring an object. Thanks to this useful function, you can save working time. 

Measurement Tools: Point, Distance, Circle, Polyline, Polygon, Angle, Continuous Perpendicular, Center to center

basic measure tool.png

Microscopic Image Stitching

iWorks software allows you create automatic composites of continuously captured images in order to minimize the reduction in the FOV that typically comes with increased magnification. Combined images display no trace of former edges, and any irregularities in the brightness of the images are automatically corrected.

  • Overcomes the visible size limitation in high magnification

  • Provides one large image in high resolution

  • Tiling small captured are into one large image

  • Supports both captured image mode / real-time video mode

image tiling1.PNG
image tiling2.PNG

Multi-focus (Extended Depth of Field)

Multi-focus is a useful tool for extended depth of field (EDF). Thanks to this EDF function, iWorks software provides perfect focus enhancement which utilizes advanced algorithm.


EDF allows images that have been captured in a different Z-axis to be combined, creating an single all-in-focus image. Once the all-in-focus image has been created, it can be viewed and rotated as a virtual 3D image as well as displayed as a stereovision image. EDF also has an option to re-align images acquired through stereomicroscopes, correcting for parallax shift.


Image Background Correction

Image correction for vignetting aspect, decrease outside shade of an image. It helps to increase the accuracy of analysis data. The edge parts of captured image by low magnification have background shading frequently, which can be removed by the background correction function of iWorks. The color of the original image remains the same though.


Split and Merge Planes

Split: This feature used for extracting one or several R/G/B channels from a color image.

Merge: Generate one or several R/G/B grayscale images to a new color image.


Reflected Light

This application corrects the diffused reflection on the specimen. Diffused reflection usually occurs while using metallic specimen. You can decrease the aspect by using the Reflected Light function.

Reflected Light

AOI Manager

AOI: Area of Interest. Define your preferred area with several tools. The AOI manager allows you to measure and analyze a specific area of your images.


Fluorescence Manager and Predefined Dye List

Multiple single channel images (captured with different optical filters or under different camera settings) can be merged together simply by using Fluorescence Manager of iWorks. The combined images can be stored to a file while maintaining their original bit depths or optionally can be converted into a RGB image.


Software Functions Table