iWorks FG

Software for Grain Size Analysis & Measurement

iWorks FG is the software for Grain Size Analysis with grain size measurement tools (intercept line, planimetric counting and overlay chart). It is useful for inspection and quality control purposes. The microscopy grain size analysis helps to determine the strength of the material, along with its physical and mechanical properties. The grain's linear intercept length and the area of grains are calculated to produce the grain size according to ASTM E112 standard.

Note: All functions of iWorks FX are included in the iWorks FG. The Advanced Measurement Tool (interactive measurement) is also available.

Advanced Measurement Tools


Measurement, Statistic and Chart can be exported to Microsoft Excel, CSV.

Grain Analysis


According to the standard of ASTM E 112 (2000), iWorks software can measure Grain size and grain size number. You can select one method out of intercept method or planimetric method.

Microscope grain anlysis
Microscope grain anlysis 2
Features of Grain Analysis:


  • Users can measure easily and quickly through the most intuitive and simple user interface

  • Provides Intercept method: ries can be calculated as the average lot is a way to use the Intercept,   as the number of detected crossing the line by the length of the ASTM test to measure the   degree of grain

  • Intercept method can be calculated directly, and is most commonly used.

  • ASTM grain size number is measured by the length of the line and the number of the detected intersection point

  • Provides Planimetric method : since using the average grain size and in accordance with ASTM E112 standard, so you can easily and quickly measure without boundary reconstruction procedures.

  • You can select one method out of Intercept method or Planimetric method.

  • Automatic measurements can be modified.- Provides Report Manager: measurement results and chart can be sent to  Excel.

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