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iWorks H Series

Hardness Testing Software

iWorks H Series is a system for hardness testing machine. It is designed for case hardness depth judgement and individual reporting of hardness testing giving repeatable automated measurement of hardness impression. Traditional ocular measurement is difficult to control and can lead to variable. For computer measurement the indentation is enlarged through a high resolution lens and the size of the indentation can be automatically obtained by image processing algorithm to give accurate Vickers hardness results.

It is compatible with various hardness testers such as Wilson BH3000, Tukon1102, Mitutoyo HM-112, FutureTech FM-700, Matsuzawa MMT-X3 etc. For the requirement on the level of automation, iWorks H series software are provided with 4 different packages: iWorks HL, iWorks HS, iWorks HX and iWorks HXS.

iWorks HL


With the measurement tools of iWorks EX, iWorks HL is the basic version software for hardness test machine. You can measure the penetrator from Micro-Vickers, Vickers, Brinell under various standard selection.

  • Manual measurement tools (length, area, angle, etc.)

  • Annotation tools

  • Excel report export

  • Carburization graph

Hardness Testing Software iWorks H Series

Select installed device from the list: Vickers, Brinell, FutureTech FM-700, Mitutoyo HM series, WIlson etc. More hardness tester models can be integrated with SDK

Different from other hardness tester software, iWorks H Series supports simple measurement tools. It can increase utilization not only in hardness testing but also in simple measurement system.

iWorks HS

iWorks HS is a version with semi-auto measurement for hardness test machine. The functions of iWorks HL are included in iWorks HS.


  • Auto detection

  • Revision function for automated measure results by user

  • Remote control & communication with hardware

Automatically detect the edge points

This feature allows you to minimize errors that may occur by the user in the inspection and measurement process. Supports a variety of options for detecting the detection precision in the various images

iWorks HX


iWorks HX is the version of software with auto reading functions for hardness test machine. You can DIY a report format by the Report Manager. The functions if iWorks HS are included in iWorks HX.


  • Overlay

  • Auto Reading

  • Report Manager

Report Manager

Report Manager offers  functions enabling users to easily create and use the various forms of reports used by different templates.


As the report is being created simultaneously during the measurement process in real time, the users can improve not only the outdated work process such as registering the measurement results manually or moving the data, etc. but also quality control and productivity.

Auto Turret - Control the nosepiece an objectives by software

Auto Reading - Automatic measuring of hardness testing

iWorks H Series is compatible with more and more models of hardness testers:

Brinell Hardness Tester Model

  • FutureTech FM-700

  • Matsuzawa MMT-X3

  • Matsuzawa MMT-X7

  • Mitutoyo HM-101

  • Mitutoyo HM-112

  • Mitutoyo HM-114

  • Mitutoyo HM-122

  • Mitutoyo HM-124

  • Mitutoyo HM-211

  • Mitutoyo HM-221

  • Mitutoyo HV-112

  • Mitutoyo HV-114

Vickers Hardness Tester Model

  • Wilson 402MVD

  • Wilson 432SVD

  • Wilson 452SVD

  • Wilson BH3000

  • Wilson Tukon1102

  • Wilson Tukon1202

iWorks HXS


iWorks HXS is the advanced  version of software with auto reading functions for hardness test machine. With an auto stage included, iWorks HXS is compatible with Mitutoyo hardness testing machines.


  • All functions of iWorks HX

  • Auto detection

  • Revision function for automated measure results by user

  • Remote control & communication with hardware

  • Auto reading (automatic measurement)

  • Overlay chart

  • Report manager

  • Mitutoyo hardness Tester (Vickers & Micro-vickers) remote control

  • Auto stage control

Motorized Stage for Hardness Tester

  • Motorized X, Y stage

             * Travel range: 100x100 mm

             * 1 mm lead screw pitch

             * Flat design without scale

  • 2 Axis motion controller

  • Control joystick

  • Accessories


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