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iWorks M

Metallographic Image Analysis Software

Comprehensive microscope metallographic image analysis software for materials research. Including particle analysis, grain size analysis, cast iron nodularity analysis, non-metallic inclusions rating, rust grade analysis, phase analysis etc, It is a perfect metallurgical software which can support your work and make workflows more efficient.

Grain Analysis


According to the standard of ASTM E 112 (2000), iWorks software can measure Grain size and grain size number. You can select one method out of intercept method or planimetric method.

Microscope grain anlysis


  • Users can measure easily and quickly through the most intuitive and simple user interface.

  • Provides Intercept method: ries can be calculated as the average lot is a way to use the Intercept, as the number of detected crossing the line by the length of the ASTM test to measure the degree of grain.

  • Intercept method can be calculated directly, and is most commonly used.

  • ASTM grain size number is measured by the length of the line and the number of the detected intersection point.

  • Provides Planimetric method : since using the average grain size and in accordance with ASTM E112 standard, so you can easily and quickly measure without boundary reconstruction procedures.

  • You can select one method out of Intercept method or Planimetric method.

  • Automatic measurements can be modified.- Provides Report Manager: measurement results and chart can be sent to  Excel.

Cast Iron Analysis


iWorks' Cast Iron Analysis is used for ductile irons and incorporates industry standards including ASTM A 247-40, ASTM E 2567-11, ISO 945-1:2008, ISO TR 945-2:2011, ISO 16112:2006, JIS G5502:1995, JIS G5502:2001, KS D 4302:2006 and KS D4302:2011. Graphite nodules can be identified and placed into shape and size classes. Moreover, the ferrite and pearlite content of the sample may be optionally assessed. Nodule and ferrite identification is performed simply by sophisticated image processing which allows the operator to review the results in seconds.


Phase Analysis


With the Phase Analysis tool, users can sort images by using Grayscale, RGB, HSB or YUV to achieve analysis on a whole image or a specified area of interest (AOI). It can determine the occurrence of these phases with reference to the overall image or to one of the selected phases.


Non-metallic Inclusions Rating


iWorks' Non-metallic Inclusions Rating function can be used with an automated materials microscope and high resolution digital camera to create an integrated systems solution. It allows the verification as per up to 8 standards ASTM E 45-97(2002), ISO 4967:1998(E), JIS G0555:2003 and KS D 0204:2007) for non-metallic inclusions in steel alloys.

Non metallic inclusions rating

Rust Grade Analysis


iWorks' Rust Grade Analysis is used evaluate the rust grade of a painted steel surface by employing the international standards such as ASTM D 610-08, ISO 8993:2010 (E) and ISO 8994:2011 (E).  It provides a standardized method for quantifying the amount and distribution of visible surface rust.

Rust Grade Analysis

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