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iWorks FC

Software for Cast Iron Nodularity Analysis

iWorks FC is an innovative software for cast iron microstructures. It incorporates industry standards including ASTM A 247-10, ASTM E 2567-11, ISO 945-1:2008, ISO TR 945-2:2011, ISO 16112:2006, JIS G5502:1995, JIS G5502:2001, KS D 4302:2006 and KS D4302:2011. Graphite nodules can be identified and placed into shape and size classes. Moreover, the ferrite and pearlite content of the sample may be optionally assessed. Nodule and ferrite identification is performed simply by sophisticated image processing which allows the operator to review the results in seconds.

Note: All functions of iWorks FX are included in the iWorks FC. (refers to the table of functions)

iWorks FC Software for Microtructural Analysis of Nodular or Compacted Cast Iron


As the morphology of graphite has a major influence on the mechanical properties of cast iron, metallographic quality control of grey iron is very important in cast iron production process.

Traditionally, most quality-control laboratories analyze cast iron via the "Chart Comparison" method. with this approach, an operator performs a visual estimation of the parameters by comparing a live image under an optical microscope (at 100x magnification) to micrographs charts. Since cast iron is usually analyzed based on several parameters, comparison to various charts may take a lot of time and the measurement results may be error due to human factors. The iWorks FC software based on the image binarization intelligent algorithm can well avoid these uncertain factors caused by the operator, can ensure the accuracy of the measurement results and greatly improve the work efficiency. With a few clicks of the mouse, an unetched sample can be completely analyzed for graphite size, form, nodularity and distribution.


Figure 1: Nodular graphite, unetched 

Figure 2: Cast iron analysis based on the standard ISO 945

Figure 3: flake graphite, unetched 

Figure 4: Cast iron analysis based on the standard ASTM 247

Graphite Forms in Cast Iron


Figure 5: Different standard graphite classification approaches: Top row: graphite types according to EN ISO 945, Bottom row: graphite types according to ASTM A247


Supported Standards of Cast Iron Analysis in iWorks FC

ASTM A247 is a method of evaluating the microstructure of graphite in iron castings. ASTM A247 provides images used to classify the form, distribution, and size of the graphite in an iron casting. Graphite forms range from the strongest nodular graphite (Type I) to the weaker flake graphite (Type VII).

Including ASTM 247, iWorks FC supports the international standards and methods for cast iron analysis as below:

Table 2: International standard methods for cast iron analysis


Figure 6: Select a proper standard in the list according to the requirement of measurement.

Intuitive and Vivid Data Visualization Charts


iWorks FC software provides intuitive and vivid data visualization charts. Measurement result can be illustrated in different charts such as Histogram, Pie, Line and Scattergram. With these charts, we can intuitively understand the results of analyzing and make amazing reports.


Figure 7: Table of classifications

Figure 8: Graphite forms in histogram


Figure 9: Graphite size in Pie

Figure 10: Measurement result in scattergram

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