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iWorks FC

Microscope Software for Cast Iron Nodularity Analysis

iWorks FC is an innovative software for microscope analysis of cast Iron nodularity. The software identifies graphite nodules and places them into shape and size classes. By analyzing the image as per specific standard (ASTM, ISO, JIS, KR etc.), the nodularity will be counted by area, number and fraction. Users can easily get a result by the data of statistics and graph.

Note: All functions of iWorks FX are included in the iWorks FC.

Cast Iron Analysis


iWorks' Cast Iron Analysis is used for ductile irons and incorporates industry standards including ASTM A 247-40, ASTM E 2567-11, ISO 945-1:2008, ISO TR 945-2:2011, ISO 16112:2006, JIS G5502:1995, JIS G5502:2001, KS D 4302:2006 and KS D4302:2011. Graphite nodules can be identified and placed into shape and size classes. Moreover, the ferrite and pearlite content of the sample may be optionally assessed. Nodule and ferrite identification is performed simply by sophisticated image processing which allows the operator to review the results in seconds.

Cast Iron Analysis, type D
Cast Iron Analysis, type A

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