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Microscope Illuminators

LED ring light for stereo microscope or macro-scope. Low energy consumable and durable LED provide suitable transmission or reflection. LED lighting has been proved to reproduce real color without affecting specimen by its excess of color temperature proving longer lifetime and low energy cost.

Microscope LED Ring Light - ML63 Series

ML63 is an intensity-adjustable LED ring light with mounting size up to 63 mm in diameter. The ring light has 2" (51mm) inside and 97mm outside diameters. It works with power supplies from 100V to 240V. This light it provides cool, even, intense and focused shadow-free illumination. It is an ideal durable cool light source for microscopes with one year warranty against manufacturing defects. ML63 includes plug-in LED beads and SMD LED.​

Microscope LED Ring Light - ML72

ML72 is a 72-LED intensity & direction adjustable ring light with mounting size up to 62 mm in diameter. The light ring is consisted of 4 portions. You can turn on/off each portion of the ring light separately so that you can control the light direction. The ring light has ~2-1/2" (62mm) inside and 4" (98mm) outside diameters. It works with power supplies from 100-240V. With variable intensity control, it provides cool, even, intense and focused shadow-free illumination. It is an ideal durable cool light source for all stereo microscopes, especially for gemological, coin and gem/jewelry microscopes.​

Microscope Polarized LED Ring Light - MPL70

  • Unique polarized glass is adopted to create good polarized effect.

  • Light brightness: 0~100% dimmable.

  • LED illuminator and power supply are designed separately.UL, EU, GS plugs available.

  • Long lifetime emitting with no flicker.

LED Fiber Optic Illuminator - S3000

S3000 fiber optic microscope illuminator provides strong, even and cool daylight illumination. It utilizes overall heat sink, high brightness LED and a unique condenser system to achieve high power output under the high brightness and long life. The light source has a built-in heat filter for cooling, a specially designed slot for color filters, and solid state controls for full adjustment of intensity. Compact appearance and side groove design make it easy to fix. S3000's 20W power consumption is good to save energy. AC/ DC power supply, constant current drive and knob dimming control ensure the user​

LED Fiber Optic Illuminator - S2000

The S2000 LED fiber optic illuminator answers today's demand for energy-efficient illumination. The  cool-white LED system delivers greater output than 100 Watt halogen systems while using 50% less energy. The illuminator features voltage regulation and variable intensity control in a maintenance-free design with no lamps or fuses to burn out. With non-fan design, it utilizes unique optical concentrator technology. The LEDs will last 30,000 hours, ensuring years of reliable service in the lab, classroom or research facility.

Fiber Optic Dual Gooseneck Lights

The dual-pipe Optical Fiber Light Guide has two exit ports that provide high uniformity fiber illumination from different directions. According to the actual needs of different fiber materials and protection tube. In the small space is fixed and need to move freely, you can directly use the stereotypes metal pipe or front end tube and back-end tube mode. Dual arm optical fiber bundle can be used in industrial automation, medical, optical and other industries. Such as microscopic lighting, polarized light therapy instrument, machine vision lighting and so on.

Fiber Optic Single Gooseneck Light

Flexible Light Guide can be used in industrial automation, medical, optical and other industries. Such as Microscope lighting, Endoscopic lighting, Movable table lighting, etc.

  • The Fiber Bundle sheathing is made of PVC covered metal tubing and the gooseneck is made of semi-obedient, chrome-plated metal gooseneck tubing.

  • Bend radius of the chrome gooseneck tubing is 2-3" (51-76mm).

  • The standard output ferrules accept spot lenses with or without polarizing caps.

  • Standard Light Guide input accepts our LED and Halogen Series light sources.

  • Custom configurations are available. Lead time is required.

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