Microscope Camera

USB 2, USB 3, HDMI, and WiFi cameras for microscope imaging and analysis applications.

5G WiFi Interactive System

Create a true and stunning wireless microscope classroom and smart laboratory. 

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Microscope Software

Streamlined microscope software for education,  biological research and materials or metallographic analysis.

OEM & Custom

More than 50 models board-level camera and enclosed camera based on CMOS and CCD technology

Industrial Camera

USB 2, USB 3, HDMI and GigE cameras for industrial imaging and machine vision.


Biological, metallurgical, stereo microscope and digital microscope for different applications.


About Us

Lanoptik Technologies is committed to the innovation of microscope camera, metallographic analysis software, and 5G Wi-Fi microscope interactive teaching system.


Lanoptik develops and distributes instruments for image acquisition and image processing in industrial and scientific applications. Intelligent image processing technologies increasingly permit implementation of new data acquisition methods and more efficient work process design in the fields of industrial production, medicine and research as well as safety engineering.


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140 Zhongshan Avenue, Guangzhou, China 510630  /  Tel. +86 20 38986017


140 Zhongshan Avenue, Guangzhou, 510630. China

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