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Cleanliness Inspection System

APIS (Automated Particle Inspection System, Cleanliness Testing System) is collected Particle Contamination (particle pollution) and ease of impurities and accurately measurable system from the Membrane Filter.

  • The need for an inspection system cleanliness

  • Particle Contamination (particle pollution) measurement has developed into the most important skills across all areas of the manufacturing industry

  • Particle analysis and prevention of harmful ingredients to scarcity (particles) can have a devastating effect on the human body and machines

  • There is a need for particle pollution, easy and accurate measurements possible impurities collected from domestic system Membrane Filter is increasing


Support Specification 
ISO 16232, ILST-STD-CC1246D, ISO 4406-4407,USP 788,VDA19,DIN50602,Custom Standard
Complete particle analysis and processing of specification criteria (default or setpoint)
Scan map
Organize particle maps in real time while scanning filters
Intelligent detection
Accurate detection of low contrast images
Contrast correction
Software imbalance of light 
Entity estimation
When one object appears in several images, it is recognized as one object.
Visual report for cluster creation and color by object size or type
Automatic calibration
One-click calibration complete
Stage pattern
Supports square and circular stage pattern generation
Scale display
Scale output to result image
Custom features
Analyze / generate reports according to vendor characteristics

Standalone Type

For Microscope