All-in-one Smart Microscope Camera

JX800 & JX1200 Series

  • C mount type and dovetail mout type for option.

  • Perfect compatibility with major operating systems: Windows, iOS and Android.

  • 15.6-inch full color gamut, 1080P HD display, built-in intelligent operating system and APP.

  • Embedded 50%:50% light splitting design, without damaging the original optical system.

  • Built-in high power reduction lens for large field of view.

  • Precise and simple focus of screw rod, realizing the synchronization of eyepiece and electronic imaging.

  • 32GB RAM, support U-disk to export picture and video data. 1080p HDMI output to display, TV, projector.

  • USB interface connects mouse and keyboard for convenient measurement and text input.

  • Mobile phone and tablet scan exclusive QR code wireless point-to-point connection expansion screen Connect to PC through WiFi.

Built-in Smart Camera Operating System

6-core 4G memory 32GB hard drive, external hard drive can be expanded arbitrarily;
Preinstalled Genuine Office software, no need additional computer editing;
3 USB ports,RJ45 port, and HDMI output.

Powerful Compatibility with Microscopes

CA800 & CA1200 Series cameras are designed specifically for Olympus, Nikon, Zeiss, and Leica microscopes. Different dovetails for excellent mount type coupling.


Models availbale for compatibility with Olympus CX series, BX series, SZX series, Nikon Eclipse 100, 200, Ei, Si, Ci, Ni, SMZ series, Leica DM series, Zeiss Primo Star etc. 


Diagonal 8.86 mm (Type 1/1.8), 8.3 megapixel CMOS image sensor with square pixel

High sensitivity, low dark current and no smear are achieved through the adoption of R,G and B primary color mosaic filters.


Diagonal 7.857 mm (Type 1/2.3) 12.3 Mega-Pixel CMOS Image Sensor with Square Pixel for Color Cameras

Back illuminated and stacked image sensor with a square pixel array. R, G, and B pigment primary color mosaic filter is employed. 

Reliable Operation with iOS, Andrioid and Windows Devices

Mobile devices, tablet PCs in perticular are recommeded to use 5G wireless adapter. Up to 16 devices are connected simultaneously.

High Speed 5G Wi-Fi Technology

The 5th generation Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11ac) technology ensures the camera can stably run at 30 fps at full resolution.

30 FPS

IEEE802.11ac VS IEEE802.11n

ac = 3 x n

Enhanced by Robust Software Suites

iWorks Software Catalogue 2021_400x300.p

iWorks Series

Pixit Pro software.png

Pixit Pro

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KoPa WiFi Lab

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