MDY2003 is a scientific grade microscope camera equipped with high performance and super high resolution 20 megapixel CMOS sensor. Thanks to its 1 inch sensor we can get the largest field of view. The USB 3.0 interface and 64 Mb buffer memory ensure the camera can stably run at a high frame rate (10fps at 20MP). Featuring with low noise, excellent color reproduction, ​ high frame rate and high sensitivity, its imaging quality can be comparable to that of digital SLR camera. The anodizing aluminum housing is effective for anti-static. MDY2003 is a good choice for various applications in life science and industrial inspections especially for high resolution and high definition.


SKU: LC5020
    • 1 inch rolling shutter sensor with 2.4 μm pixel size
    • Super high speed USB 3.0 for both data and power
    • Full resolution (20 MP) with up to 10 fps
    • iWorks EX software 
    • Twain and DirectShow driver compatible
    • Dust­proof structure and aluminum alloy body design
    • Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10
  • Title Title 2
    Sensor Type Sensor Type
    Sensor Size Sensor Size
    Resolution Resolution
    Pixel Size (??m) Pixel Size (??m)
    Frame Rate Frame Rate
    Shutter Type Shutter Type
    Exposure Control Exposure Control
    Exposure Time Exposure Time
    Spectral Response Spectral Response
    Response Rate User Memory
    Dynamic Range On-board Buffer
    S/N Ratio BIN
    White Balance White Balance
    Filter Filter
    Programmable Control Programmable Control
    Software Interface Software Interface
    Status LED Status LED
    Optical Mount Optical Mount
    Image Format Image Format
    Power Consumption Power Consumption
    Data Interface Data Interface
    Operating System Operating System
    Power Supply Power Supply
    Working Temp. Working Temp.
    Storage Temp. Storage Temp.
    Housing Housing
    Dimension Dimension
    Weight Weight



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