• DM350C

    SKU: LC1040

    ​DM350 adopts super HD micro imaging system, using HDMI interface 1080P for HD output to realize true and subtle image color rendition, clear outline and exquisite quality with expansive view and high precision detection. Dual output HDMI/USB supports photography of JPG format and recording of MOV format. DM350 can capture HD image and video quickly, easily and effectively for various applications.


    The interface diameter of the DM350 is 1”×1/32”, handily connected to various microscopes, to output image on the screen, computer or television for micro image observation. Free your eyes and observe the micro images distinctly.

    1. High sensitivity 3.5 megapixels CMOS sensor and 1080P digital HD image display.
    2. Avoid tedious adjustment work and directly change the operation distance through eye-height adjustment ring (eye height effective value BFL: 11.6~36mm) and expand the original magnification ratio of the microscope.
    3. 30fps high-speed display without trailing smear for high-speed and stable image transmission.
    4. Under HDMI mode, HDR wide dynamic represses strong light reflection function.
    5. Dual output HDMI & USB support photography/recording and real storage of SD card for on-site analysis and subsequent research.
    6. HDMI interface can connect computer or displayer for observation, realize hot swap application and make output for subtle image quality and excellent color rendition

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