1.4 Megapixel CCD Microscope Camera MCX141

MCX141 is a 1.4 megapixel professional grade CCD microscope camera equipped with high sensitive Sony ICX205 and a 16 Mb buffer memory. It offers progressive scan, high frame rates (20 frames per second). The robust multi-camera synchronization function makes it easy to work with 3 more Pixit cameras together. The CCD design ensures high-uniformity sensor output, a wide dynamic range and a lower noise environment, ideal for low-light and fluorescence microscopy. Monochrome Camera: MCX141M.


  • Low noise, high sensitivity and high frame rate

  • Built-in buffer memory, more stable data transimission

  • Multi-camera Synchronization, up to 4 cameras in 1 PC

  • Come with user-friendly capturing software Pixit Integrator

  • Twain and DirectShow driver compatible

  • Perfect dust-proof structure and aluminum alloy body design

  • Compatible with Windows XP 32bit, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operation system


MCX141 is ideal for a wide range of applications including:

  • Robotics

  • Quality control

  • Inspection, surveillance

  • Industrial imaging

  • Machine vision

  • Logistics




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