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All-in-one Embedded Smart Camera

All-in-one Embedded Smart Camera

TC Series

5G Wi-Fi and 4K Ultra HD technology enhance your scientific research. More compatible more convenient and better performance.

Excellent Sony CMOS Sensor 4K Imaging

Diagonal 7.20 mm (Type 1/2.5) 8.5M-effective pixel color CMOS sensor

4K (3840 × 2160) output at 60 frames/s in ADC 10-bit mode. The DOL (Digital Overlap)-type HDR (High Dynamic Range) function is supported at 30 frames/s, realizing 4K video imaging with a wide dynamic range.

High Speed 5G Wi-Fi Technology

25 fps

The 5G Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11ac) ensure the camera can stably run at extremely high frame rate at 3840x2160.

Reliable Operation with iOS, Andrioid and Windows Devices

Mobile devices, tablet PCs in perticular are recommeded to use with TC series camera. Up to 10 devices are connected simultaneously.

The 5th Generation Wi-Fi

IEEE802.11ac VS IEEE802.11n

ac = 3 x n

Enhanced by Robust Software Suites

iWorks Series

Pixit Pro

Micro WiFi Lab


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