1. Microscope and Camera

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Camera for Binocular Microscopes

8.3 megapixels camra and 12 megapixels camera are for option, and compatible with various of microscopes including Olympus, Nikon, Leica and Carl Zeiss.

2. Tutor's Computer

Recommend PC Configurations

A computer based on the Windows operating system is an important part of the 5G WIFI interactive system, but it does not require very high configuration. Taking into account the application of microscope imaging, it is usually equipped with a better display for good color reproduction and a good GPU to enhance image processing capabilities  and to ensure the smoothness of the system.

3. KoPa WiFi EDU Software

What Teacher Can Do

The KoPa WiFi EDU software pre-installed on the teacher’s computer uses a highly recognizable UI design, which is easy to use and requires no special training. The software provides 9 powerful modules for communication, monitoring, demonstration, annotation, remote setting, image comparison, homework assignment and taking attendance.With these functions, teachers can realize real interactive teaching and improve teaching quality.

Messenger Tool

Lecturing Mode

Monitor Screen

Image Comparison

Annotation Tool

Take Attendance

Homework Asignment

Remote Setting

Monitor Live Image

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4. Master ViMatrix VM3500

Robust Router and Commander

VM3500 is the signal transmission hub of the 5G WIFI interactive system, supporting multiple 80 student stations. It covers a wide range, up to a radius of 100 meters in an open space. The high-performance low-power processor and Wave2 radio frequency semiconductor chip, sufficient heat flow and heat dissipation design, fast automatic recovery mechanism and industrial-grade built-in power supply ensure the performance and stability of the system under load.


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