5G WiFi Interactive Teaching System of Microscope Imaging

Make Your Microscope Classroom Digital & Wireless

Lanoptik's 5G WiFi Interactive Teaching System for Microscope Imaging allows up to 72 (soon 100) classroom microscopes to be digitally linked so that students and lecturers can instantly see a live view of their specimens and the lecturer can see one or several student microscope live images and interact with them. ​

The system uses new 5G wireless cameras requiring no cabling or complex infrastructure. This allows the system to be installed and fitted onto the microscopes in minutes.
The heart of the system is a unique ViMatrix VM3500 unit which is a powerful Wi-Fi, networking amplifying and repeater station which provides a guaranteed smooth, uninterrupted flow of a large number of live images and interactive tools. The ViMatrix plugs into a computer and the software then displays the signals under the total control of the lecturer who can choose how many images to display, bring individual images to full screen for discussion, save, annotate and measure the images.

The system comes with an APP which the students can download and at the same time as the classroom display they can see and capture the images on their own devices (phone/tablets, Android or Mac).


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